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New to Beyond 400? Don’t know where to start? Here are some top tips for getting involved in the conversation.

As more and more British baptists (and a few others) submit their articles and comments you may be unsure where to begin and how to participate, especially if, like most of us, you have a normal life beyond the internet! Here are some suggestions for how to dip in.  Feel free to add further suggestions!

  1. Start from the beginning - read the posts in order and get an overview of the themes coming up.  Don’t worry about reading all the comments to begin with.  If there is an article that catches your attention and sticks in your mind go back to it and read the comments.  Once you get a flavour of where the comments have come from and where they are going why not ponder it yourself and add your own replies or create a new comment.
  2. Look at the titles of the articles and pick one that sounds interesting to you, read it and the following comments and feel free to add your thoughts.  Then move on to another article that intrigues you.  Be careful not to only read the ones that tick your usual boxes though!
  3. Too much to catch up on?  Why not just start from the most recent article. You can catch up on previous ones if you feel inclined when you have some spare time!  (A bit like when you miss a few days when trying to read the Bible in a year - sometimes its just too demotivating to try and catch up all the way!
  4. Just want the latest comments?  Check out the latest comments list on the right hand side of the home page - click on the links to see what people have recently said.
  5. Don't want to miss out when a new article is posted. There is an email service whto tell you of new content - see the home page.
  6. Interested in what a particular person has been spouting on about?  Find one of their comments and click on their name to reveal all their comments in one place. In the future this will work with article authors as well if a person has contributed more than one article.
  7. Keep it in perspective!  We know there is more to life than this crazy website and we also know that 99% of baptist church members in Britain are probably not all that bothered in the ‘bigger picture’ of baptist life, but are interested in what it means to follow Jesus in their neighbourhood, workplaces and families.  Our most important job is to help each other do that.  But it is also important that some of us think creatively and offer some hopeful imagination for what baptist life might look like in the future, so if you can contribute that is great.  Also, remember this first 40 voice part of the exercise only lasts until the beginning of May - so if it feels a bit intense try and stick with it - it is just for a season!

The Beyond 400 book is available online online here.

Photo of Andy Goodliff

This book provides an intriguing and lasting snapshot of Baptists in conversation in the 400th year, gathering together insights from a divers group of contributors looking back, looking forward, looking in, and looking out.

The book comprises of the 40 articles and many of the 1000+ comments shared in the conversations that started at www.beyond400.net in 2012.  118 pages, A5.

For larger volume and international orders email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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