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  • “Organisations, the Church included, are built to administer, maintain and protect from harm that which already exists; in contrast creative or dissenting people are designed to give birth to that which has never been in existence before. The dissenters threaten the well-oiled structures of an organisation's process
  • I finished up my street performance in the middle of Norwich on a hot summers day and jumped around exuberantly and I must admit, slightly hot and sweaty, holding above my head the straight jacket that I had just escaped from. It was a good show and I looked around awaiting the cheers but on this occasion the small
  • The fact is, at my tender age, I grew up on a different page I don’t come from a position of tradition or division Christianity is relatively new to me But clearly something made me say “Hey, I like the Baptist Way” Some people may not agree with me, my delivery or the way I see it Cause I’m not inclined t
  • The first baptist church in Britain met in Spitalfields, London, still known as a tolerant place which harbours dissenters, artists, anarchists and free-thinkers who want to challenge injustice and unfairness. Words such as these were used frequently to describe early baptists, a group of Jesus-followers beginni
  • A one million pound black hole is projected for the Baptist Union of Great Britain end of year accounts, we can’t continue as we are and it has got people talking. The talk is of change and cuts. The financial predicament is painful, it will hurt when posts are almost inevitably cut and people tragically lose th